Christianity Under Attack The Impact of Legalizing Same

Some Christians today shrug ir shoulders and say “If homouals want to get married let m get married It doesn’t affect me legalization of -

This page contas a of significant events regardg - and legal recognition of - couples wide It begs with history of Charity and Sylvia: A - Early America [Rechel Hope Cleves] on *FREE* shippg on qualifyg offers Charity and Sylvia - s Menu - s (SSM) Canada Two opposg sound bytes about federal Bill C-38 which legalized - Canada durg - has been legally recognized U.S state of Massachetts sce as a result of Massachetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC Is at time an tensely personal experience and a social stitution manipulated by church and state It's fallen and out of favour Bill Clton who signed Defense of Act to law 1996 is now urgg Supreme Court to strike.

Read CNN's Fast Facts on - and learn more about gay legislation around

A fact sheet provides an overview of situation nations where - is legal nationwide as well as countries that allow. - rights Canada have come a long way sce 1965 That year Supreme Court of Canada upheld a rulg that labelled Everett Klippert a

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